How To Care For Concrete Countertops

In a lot of newer kitchen remodels, concrete countertops are rising in popularity. This new resurgence of concrete countertops has made it possible for people to have a wide variety of colors and textures. No more, is it only possible to have just a basic gray countertop

Much like any other style of counter top, however, a concrete countertop needs basic cleaning and maintenance to preserve it for a long lasting counter top

Sealing Concrete
In order for the concrete countertops to last, they must be sealed. Many concrete manufacturers recommend using a paste wax to the counter top once every month to seal it and help preserve the counter top color and durability.

Cleaning Concrete Countertops
With a basic soap and water solution, you should be able to clean most concrete countertops. Stay away from any abrasive cleaners, bleach, or ammonia as they can damage the sealing and dull the color.

Keep Away from Heat
Concrete countertops can be heat resistant, most manufacturers recommend that you not place any hot pots and pans directly on the counter top surface. It could change the look of that particular spot by either dulling the concrete, or searing the sealant.

Take care of your concrete countertops and you will enjoy a very durable, long lasting countertop in our kitchen for many years.