How To Care For Granite Tile Floors

An entryway with granite floor tiles displays a certain regal elegance. Because of it's physical qualities, granite is quite durable - resistant to heat, stains, and sudden drops of heavy objects. Granite floor tiles are a practical luxurious investment for your home.

Granite floor tiles can also be quite expensive. Depending on where you places them - entryway, kitchen, dining room, bathroom - you could spend a great deal of money to have granite tiles. Because of this you will want to take great care if maintaining the tiles and caring for them with regular cleaning.

Basic Granite Floor Tiles Maintenance

Once each year you should re-apply the sealant to keep the granite a glossy shine and protect it from any damage caused by heavy objects, or regular foot traffic. Besides keeping it sealed once a year, there are other periodic activities you should do to keep your granite floor tiles looking new.

1. Inspect the edges and grout - Some times small chips in the granite can lead to bigger cracks or breaks a little later on. If you see anything like that replace the tile immediately. Inspect the grout for any dried out sections that are crumbling or falling out. This would usually happen in cases where the tiles were laid in an uneven spot.
2. Wipe up spills immediately - If something gets dropped on the floor tiles, then it should be wiped up immediately. Also any mud, or dirt, should be mopped and swept up quickly so that little particles of rock do not get embedded in the granite or scratch the surface.

Cleaning Granite Floor Tiles

Besides periodic inspections and re-sealing of the granite floor tiles, daily cleaning should be done in order to ensure that the tiles look their best for a long time.

• Daily dry-mopping. Run a dry-mop, or duster, over the granite tiles at least once a day. this will keep and dust, or small particles of rock from accumulating on the tile.
• Clean with approved granite cleaner. Do not use abrasive cleaners, bleach, or other detergents. This has the potential to ruin the coloration of the granite. Recommended granite cleaners, either form the granite manufacturer or a third party, should be used when cleaning the granite.
• Clean up any food, or drink, spills immediately to keep it from staining.
• You can use warm water and soap for regular everyday cleaning of our tile. However, there will be a filmy residue left behind. So, you will need to rinse a few times to diminish the residue.

Larger Jobs

If you have a large discoloration, or stain, in our granite floor tiles, then consult a professional cleaner who will have the equipment to do the job right without damaging the floors. You might damage the floor more with trial and error if you have never used any floor polishers before.