How to Care for Reclaimed Wood Tables

What You'll Need
Metal putty knife
Clean rags
Linseed oil

Reclaimed wood tables are a great addition to your home. They offer a beautiful rustic feel to your home, and you will be recycling by using one. Taking care of old wood is not rocket science, but you do have to treat it differently than you would new wood. The following article will explain how to take care of reclaimed wood tables.

Step 1 – Remove Old Paint

Old paint will peel and flake off if given enough time and exposure to the elements. This makes reclaimed wood tables look ugly and worn. Paint thinner will hurt reclaimed wood tables, so scrape off the paint using a flexible putty knife. After removing the paint, wipe the table down with a rag to remove dust and paint particles.

Step 2 – Open the Pores

Reclaimed wood tables are often dry, and to preserve them, you need to open the pores. Soak a rag and remove the excess water. Wipe down the wood table with the rag.

Step 3 – Treat Reclaimed Wood Tables

With the pores in the wood open, you can now treat the wood. Pour linseed oil on a clean rag and rub the table with it. Continue until you cover the table.