How to Care for Teak Wood

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What You'll Need
Soft cloth
Nonabrasive scrubber
Teak oil
Soft-bristled broom
Damp mops

Teak wood is native to Southeast Asia. It is durable, hardy, attractive and highly resistant to weather conditions. These qualities have made teak wood one of the most sought after hardwoods. It is used in many outdoor scenarios and even in marine applications. With some care and maintenance, teak wood will last for many long years in impeccable condition. Here is a guide for how to care for your teak wood.

Step 1 – Clean Furniture with Soapy Water

Teak wood is used to make both indoor and outdoor furniture. When teak wood furniture is left outdoors, it will naturally change to an attractive silver color. However, the constant exposure to dirt, dust, and pollution may make the furniture dull or dark. To clean the furniture, you can apply a solution of soap and water once a year. Scrub the furniture with a non-abrasive product and remove the residue with a clean cloth. You can follow the same process for cleaning indoor furniture. However, the cleaning will be required less often for indoor products.

Step 2 – Apply Teak Oil to Furniture

If you do not want your outdoor teak furniture to weather and change color, you can apply a coating of teak oil on it. Follow the above step and begin the oiling process when the furniture is free of all the dirt and residue. Also, ensure that the furniture is completely dry. Then you can apply the teak oil with a soft cloth. Wipe it all over the furniture and remove the excess residue to achieve an even finish. You can also apply teak oil on indoor furniture if you want to protect it from discoloration, dirt, and stains.

Step 3 – Wipe off Spills Immediately

In the case of spills on the teak wood surface, you must tackle them immediately. Use a sponge or soft cloth for this purpose. Press the cloth on the spill and let it absorb the spill. Wipe it down and if necessary, follow up with a damp cloth. Never place hot utensils or sharp objects on the teak wood furniture.

Step 4 – Clean Teak Wood Floors Carefully

If you have teak wood flooring you must first ensure that it is properly sealed. You can prevent a lot of wear and tear to the floor by placing doormats at all entry points. Avoid using vacuum cleaners with beater bars. Use soft brooms with fine bristles to clean the floor daily. When you mop the floor, avoid using wet mops. Use damp mops instead and ensure that the floor dries quickly. Excessive moisture will be absorbed by the wood and will damage the floor.

Step 5 – Prevent Dents to the Teak Wood Surface

Make sure that all furniture legs are padded with felt pads, which will protect the floor from scratches and dents when the furniture shifts or moves. Never drag heavy items along a teak floor. Avoid the use of outdoor shoes, high heeled footwear and heavy shoes on the floor. The force can cause dents on the surface. Use a humidifier in the winter to reduce wood shrinkage.