How to Care for Your Copper Gutters

Caring for copper gutters is an important component of copper gutter ownership. These gutters are an investment, and you don't want to loose money due to neglect.

Copper Patina

Copper gets a bluish green patina as it weathers and ages, and most people want that look.

Preventing it is nearly impossible since it is a byproduct of the natural oxidation of the copper. If you want to keep the bright copper color, consider a quality painted aluminum product that keeps the “penny copper” look.

To keep the shine and patina intact on the gutters, always wear cotton gloves when working with any piece of the gutter. The natural oils on the skin will remain on the gutters and will leave spots on them and mar the patina.

Careful Cleaning

Carefully maintain the gutters by keeping them free of debris and roof runoff. Use a soft plastic scoop to clean the gutters. If the scoop scratches the surface, using gloves to remove the organic matter is a good alternative.

Some people prefer to use cloth gloves, although they may get you hands wet, they do not scratch the surface of the copper. Watch your copper gutter for any sagging, loose brackets, or bending pieces. Repair or replace them promptly.

Copper Durabilty

Copper gutters are generally reliable and long lasting. There are many systems still running that have been in place and functioning for 50 to 80 years without a problem.

The systems that last that long have soldered seams and often has screens on the downspouts. They are also cleaned regularly. Roof debris as well as leaves can damage copper gutters, causing spots of discoloration, so clean them regularly.