How to Catch a Mouse without a Mousetrap

mouse and its reflection

It is possible to catch mice without the use of a mousetrap. You do not have to kill a mouse to safely remove it from your home.

Method 1 - Catch the Mouse

Get a live trap, a mouse cage with a one-way entrance. Apply some peanut butter to the entrance and the mouse will be able to go in, but not get out. You can then set the mouse free.

Method 2 - Scare the Mouse

You can buy a plug-in mouse scarer for around $7. The mouse scarer simulates the sound of a scared mouse and works really well, while being inaudible to humans. These ultra sonic electric mouse scarers work well with live traps to achieve rodent control.

Method 3 - Deter the Mouse

Mix some cayenne pepper or tabasco sauce with around a gallon of water and spray it around your house to keep mice away.

Mice also don’t like the smell of peppermint or spearmint, while most humans find these smells pleasing. Combine 100% pure essential peppermint or spearmint oil for the best effect.

Humane Rodent Control Tips

  • Check your mouse traps daily to ensure the least amount of suffering.
  • Never use any type of sticky tape trap. These types of traps cause the animal to suffer and lengthen death.