How to Catch a Mouse without a Trap

What You'll Need
Toilet roll tube or empty milk carton
Tall bin or container
Mouse bait
Piece of cardboard (optional)

Many people wonder how to easily and efficiently catch a mouse without a trap. Mice in the house present a nuisance and a health hazard. They can also inflict damage on your property. If you want to get rid of mice without resorting to conventional mouse traps or toxic chemicals that can harm your family and pets, follow these steps.

Step 1 - Assess the Mouse Problem

Look for mouse droppings around the house to determine the area the animal frequents. This area will usually be in proximity to food or at a point where the mouse enters the house.

Mice can effortlessly slip in through tiny openings and cracks smaller than an inch. Therefore, select the location for the trap where high mouse activity is visible.

Step 2 - Choose the Mouse Bait

Purchase special non-toxic synthetic bait, which is designed to appeal to mice but is not lethal for them. Alternatively, rummage around the house for human food such as bread rolled into a ball, cheese, crackers, raisins, or any other food with a rich aroma. If you decide to use a piece of cheese, pick one that is soft and sticky. Chocolate, peanut butter or a cotton ball dipped in vanilla extract are also suitable baits. You might have to try out several types of bait before you find the one that works best in your case.

Step 3 - Prepare the Mouse Тrap

Take the tube from a toilet paper roll and flatten one of its sides with your hand so that you end up with a half-cylinder. If using a milk carton, cut out the bottom and top with scissors to form a tunnel. Place the bin below one end of a kitchen table.

Position the tunnel on the edge of the table and check that it is stable. You should place the bait in the tube/milk carton right above the container. The bin needs to be at least 25 inches deep so the mouse is unable to jump out and run away.

You can also build an improvised ramp from a piece of cardboard if the trap you have set is on the floor. Simply position the cardboard against the trash bin and shape the upper part into a little platform for the tunnel.

Step 4 - Trap the Mouse

Remove all other food near the trap so the mouse will not be distracted but will head directly for the bait. Place several pieces of bait to lead to the trap. Once the mouse enters the tunnel to snatch the bait at the end, its weight will tumble it straight into the container.

Step 5 - Get Rid of the Mouse

When you trap the mouse, take it out of the house in the bin. Set it free (preferably in a field, so that it cannot come back).

Mice usually don’t infest the house solo, so set up the trap again until you’ve captured all the tiny intruders.