How to Caulk Rain Gutters

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To keep your rain gutters from rusting at the seams and dripping water along these seams you need to caulk them. Many homeowners skip this project and later find they have some problems.

Gutters' Purpose

Rain gutters allow the rain and melted snow and ice to flow through them, down your downspouts and away from your house. Water around the foundation of a house causes many problems so you want to keep this basic water removal system in good working order.

Where to Caulk

There are seams in rain gutters any place two sections meet or where a downspout is attached to the gutters. Choose either white silicone caulk or a clear caulk if your gutters are a different color. Caulking may be painted if you are going to paint your gutters. Don't skimp and buy cheap caulking, there is a difference. You need a good grade of caulking with a long guarantee on it. Be sure it is for water use.

How to Use it

Simply cut the tip of the caulk at an angle, put the caulk tube into a caulk gun and apply in a straight small bead. Use your finger to smooth the caulk into a strip. A good caulking job will last many years.