How to Change a Brake Return Spring

several silver springs
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10-15
What You'll Need
New return spring
Needle nose pliers

Changing the return spring on a brake pedal isn’t a complex job. You’ll be able to manage it in just a few minutes with common tools found in most toolboxes.

Step 1 - Removing the Spring

To remove the return spring, you’ll need to work with the car door open, kneeling on the ground next to the driver’s compartment. Locate the spring behind the brake pedal.

In order to remove the spring, lift the brake pedal. This will compress the spring. You’ll need to take your needle nose pliers and unhook one end of the spring. Take pressure off the brake pedal, then unhook the other end. Discard the old spring.

Step 2 - Installing the New Spring

To install the new spring, liftthe brake pedal again, then hook one end over the hole near the body of the compartment. Take the other end in your needle nose pliers. Pull the spring until you can thread the end through the hole on the pedal. Take pressure off the pedal and check that it returns to the proper position. Depress the brake pedal to check that it works properly. As a final test, take the car for a short test drive.