How To Change A Kitchen Island Top

  • 2-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 250-800
What You'll Need
Measuring Tape
Pry bar
Kraft paper
Power drill with screwdriver bits
Hole saw
Razor knife
L brackets
Wood screws (1/2-inch)
Putty knife
Masking tape

Although a moderately challenging do-it-yourself project, you can change a kitchen island top with a little know-how, time, tools and some patience. Your island can be the focal point and workhorse station in your kitchen. It is important that the kitchen island top remains in great working condition. It is a great idea, also, when planning kitchen renovations that you make sure all kitchen counter tops match. Here are tips for changing a kitchen island top to a laminate one.

Step 1 - Preparation

Before removing the old, worn out kitchen island top, take careful measurements to determine the size for the new replacement top before purchasing it. Make sure you remove all plumbing on the top and in the island–-sink, faucets and pipe connections to household plumbing. Shut off the water first. You will need to disconnect any electric supply to your island. First turn off the power at the control or circuit breaker panel. A good tip is to place a piece of masking tape over the switch in the off position to alert anyone not to turn it on while you are changing the kitchen island top. In fact, announce to all household members and guests that you have the power off and that you are working on changing the kitchen island top.

Step 2 - Trace Sink Opening

Trace the sink opening, using a piece of craft paper and a pencil, to make a template for the new kitchen island top.

Step 3 - Remove Old Counter top

Remove the old kitchen island top by unscrewing it from under the island frame. If there is a backsplash against an adjoining wall, remove it carefully as well. Also, use a razor knife to carefully cut away any caulking.

Step 4 - Place New Countertop

Place the new countertop on the kitchen island frame making sure it is level. If necessary, use wood shims to obtain proper leveling.

Step 5 - Secure Top

Secure the new kitchen island top from underneath by attaching it to the frame with “L” brackets and wood screws. Do not use the old hardware and drill new holes so the top will be secured tightly.

Step 6 - Cut Sink Hole

Use the template you made from the old top and place it over the new top where you want it placed. Mark the new top to create a cutting line. To make the sink opening, first use a hole saw to cut through the top and then a jigsaw to remove the remainder.

Step 8 - Putty the Edges

Using plumber’s putty with a putty knife, spread a bead around the edge of the hole and place the sink. Now, reattach all plumbing connections making sure all fittings are tight.

Step 9 - Attach New Backsplash

Attach a new backsplash, if necessary, running a bead of caulk between it and the wall.

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