How to Change a Tire on a Go Kart

What You'll Need
New tires
Hair dryer
Extension cord
Dish soap
Low table

You must be familiar with the headache and pain related to changing the tires of a Go Kart. Because the tires of a Go Kart are made of harder material and fits more snugly than most cars, they are harder to replace. The tires used on a Go Kart are rubber used to make racing tires. Because rubber is stiff, it is hard to handle the tires at regular temperature. The tire sits on the rim. You may think that the rim is too small for the tire but actually it is done so that the tire fits the rim properly and does not fall off while you are racing. The things that you should know about the rim are that it has a wide end and a less wide end.

Step 1 – Preparing to Change the Tires

Use a low table if you are mounting go kart tires in your garage or home. Keep an old piece of carpet around to use as a non-slip surface. If you are able to keep the rim in one place, it is easier to replace the tire. If you are doing this job on a track, grass can be used as a non-slippery surface. To avoid risk related to leakage, make sure that there is no grass between the rim and tire bead. You may also try to heat the tire, which wiill make it easier to work with. If you have access to electricity, use a hair blower. If you're at a track, you may get help from the sun as the black color heats up very quickly.

Step 2 – Lubricating the Tires

Lubricating the edges of the tires makes it easier to push the tire onto the rims. Ordinary dish soap works well for this purpose. You should lube both the go kart tire bead and the rim.

Step 3 – Changing the Tires

Hold the tire with a really firm grip just like you handle a steering wheel. The tire should be placed on the rim at an angle ranging from 45 to 60 degrees. The last step is to push the tire onto the rim. You may need to throw your whole body weight into it to get the leverage you need. You may think that the tire is under too much stress. But you should not worry about it. Just push it and hopefully, the first bead will come on.

Step 4 – Replacing the Tires

For the second bead, repeat the first three steps. It may be a little harder than the first one but eventually you will succeed in pushing on the second bead.

Finally, you have changed your go kart tire. You will learn weight positioning tricks and find the perfect angle with more and more practice. You can use the whole process again for the other three tires.