How to Change Sump Pump Oil

The type of sump pump oil required for your sump pump primarily depends on the age of your device, as modern machines use dielectric transformer oil or bio-friendly white oil. The device is usually very functional and durable, as it lasts efficiently for many years and even when problems arise, it is fairly simple to identify and sort those issues out.  But like any other mechanical machine, it needs to be maintained regularly and the most important part of maintenance is routine oil change. When you buy your sump pump new, the store or the manual will be able to tell you how often the oil needs to be changed.

To change sump pump oil is reasonably easy. Using the tools and the steps mentioned below you can complete the task without much hassle.

Tools and Equipment:

  • Oil Drain Pump
  • Sump Pump Oil
  • Filter
  • Screwdrivers

Step 1: Obtain the Needed Material

Purchase an oil drain pump, which is easily available at a local hardware store or home improvement stores. The top brands are Pella and Topsider, although taking the store keeper’s advice on the brand would be a good idea. Also, buy the other materials, like the oil your sump pump requires (Shell Merlina HS-10 is a recommendable choice) and the filter.

Step 2: Remove the Filter

Like the oil change of any other pump, it is advisable to remove the oil filter present in the sump pump’s bottom. However, before you use your hands do not forget to wear hand gloves, so as to effectively avoid the chances of getting any grease or oil on your skin. Once the filter has been removed you should not have a problem in draining the oil out.

Step 3: Insert the Oil Drain Pump

Once the filter is out, insert the drain pump’s tube into the dipstick, lowering it until it reaches the bottom of the oil pan. See to it that you do not force the tube beyond or it would turn upwards and not fulfill the purpose effectively. Use the drain as per the instructions mentioned on the packing and drain out the old oil from the sump pump.

Step 4: Replace the Filter and the Oil

Once the old oil has been drained out, place in the new filter at the bottom of the device. Then pour in the new oil that you have purchased. The new oil would not only improve the quality of the sump pump’s functionality but also increase its durable life and decrease the chances of incurring any maintenance costs.