How to Change the Tube on a Wheelbarrow Tire

What You'll Need
Soapy water
Repair Kit
Air pump

A wheelbarrow tire might get flat due to the severe weather conditions; you can repair or change its punctured tube with a repair kit. You can get this kit from the hardware store. It is the worse situation when your wheelbarrow tire is airless or ruptured. Output level deteriorates when your wheelbarrow tire isn't properly inflated, and this is one of their main shortfalls. Just follow the steps, given below, and you will be able to change the tube of the wheelbarrow tire quite efficiently.

Step 1 – Cleaning the Tire

First you should clean the tire and remove all the dirt. You must check the tire for any kind of jabbing or poking e.g. check for tacks, thorns and nails etcetera. If you find out that some cord is damaged inside the sidewalls or the sidewall is splintered then you must change the whole tire, because the tire might burst out when you put air into it.

Step 2 – Get the Proper Tube

You need to get a suitable tube for the tire. If you have a 480-8 tire then you would need a 480-8 tube. And if you have a tubeless tire then you should first remove the tubeless regulator stem from the edge with the knife, and then lubricate the bead with soap. You should also buy a tubeless tire substance to close the holes and leakages.

Step 3 – Inflate the Tire

The next step is to pump up the tire and find the hole by putting some soapy water over the wheelbarrow tire. Then ream the inside of the puncture and hide it with cement, by using the probe in the kit.

Step 4 – Poking the Needle Tool and the Plug into the Hole/Puncture

The next important thing is to thread a strip of plug into the needle tool and coat the entire area to be plugged with cement. Now thrust the needle tool and an end of the plug into the ruptured puncture of your wheelbarrow tire. Then, leaving about 1/4 inch of the plug projecting above the hole, smoothly remove the needle while letting the plug remain in place.

Step 5 – Twisting the Needle

Now slightly twist the needle, it will loosen the plug, and you can easily pull it through. If you have done it properly, then the plug would stay in the tire, and the needle would come out perfectly.

Step 6 – Check for Leakages

Then cut off the surplus plug about 1/8 inch, over the tread. You can coat the top with more cement if you like. If your tire is flat, fill it again. If you have air in it, then you should to fill it to its full pressure. Now check again for any leakages by applying soapy water.

Step 7 – Filling the Tire with Slime

If there is no air breaking out, it means that you have done your job perfectly. But if there is some air escaping then you may want to try one of the slime products. Fill your wheelbarrow tire with this substance by following the instructions written on the bottle. You might lose some air during this process. So refill the tire with air after filling, then spin your tire swiftly at least 25 times to complete the procedure.