How to Change the Visor on a Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

black full-face helmet
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What You'll Need
New visor
Full face helmet
Soft, lint-free cloth
What You'll Need
New visor
Full face helmet
Soft, lint-free cloth

Through the course of using a full face motorcycle helmet there may be instances when the visor becomes cracked from rocks, bugs, or from something banging into it while being stored. When the visor on the full face motorcycle helmet does crack, or break, you do not have to feel like you must purchase a new helmet. Replacing the visor on the motorcycle helmet is a great way to save a few hundred dollars in the cost of replacing the entire helmet. If you are not familiar with replacing the visor on the full face motorcycle helmet, here are some steps to follow.

Step 1 - Purchase New Visor

When you notice that there is a crack in your full face motorcycle helmet, fix it immediately. Trying to use it while it is cracked can lead to serious injury to your face or eyes. Take the helmet into the motorcycle shop and have the same type of visor ordered.

Step 2 - Prepare Work Area

Place a towel onto a table or countertop before you start to change the visor on your helmet.

Step 3 - Remove Sun Shield


If your full face motorcycle helmet has a sun shield included on it, this will need to be removed first. Raise the shield all the way up and pull the tabs forward that are located near the pivot mechanism. They should be pulled towards the front of the helmet. Once the tabs are pulled, you can remove the sun shield from the helmet.

Step 4 - Remove Pivoting Mechanism

On each side of the helmet is located the pivot mechanism that allows you to raise and lower the visor. They will have a cover on them that can be pried off with your hands or a small flat-bladed screwdriver. Once the covers are opened there will be a spring clip that will need to be pulled out in order to free the mechanism from the visor.

Step 5 - Remove Visor

With the pivot mechanism free of the visor you can pull the visor away from the helmet. Grab the visor in the middle and pull straight up.

Step 6 - Install New Visor

In the reverse direction of removing the visor you will be replacing the new one. Slide the new visor into position and lock it into place on the pivot mechanism.

Step 7 - Replace Hinge Pin

Line up the holes for the hinge pin and set it into position. Push the pin through until it locks into place. Set the covers back over the pivot mechanism and snap into position.

Step 8 - Remove Protective Shield

man with motorcycle helmet on

After the visor has been replaced you can then remove the protective plastic that is covering the visor. Be careful as you remove the plastic that you do not use any type of tool as you could scratch the surface of the visor.

Step 9 - Replace Sun Shield

Set the sun shield back into place near the top of the helmet and slide the pull tabs back towards the rear of the helmet to lock the shield on.

Step 10 - Clean Visor

To finish off replacing the visor on your full face motorcycle helmet you should clean it with a lint free cloth. Do not use any type of cleaner as it may streak the visor.