How to Change Your Hot Tub Water

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Over time, the level of chemicals and other dissolved materials in hot tub water may make it feel unpleasant or look dull. The water needs to be changed every 60 to 90 days to return the tub to sparkling form.

Step 1 – Preparation

Until you are familiar with the routine follow the particular instructions for your hot tub in the owner’s handbook. Not all hot tubs are designed the same.

Step 2 – Safety

Switch off your hot tub and open the main circuit breaker to ensure the tub cannot start operating while it is empty.

Step 3 – Locate the Drain Valve

The drain valve for your hot tub is at the bottom. If it is not connected to a drainpipe, connect it to a hose to drain the tub. If your tub does not have a drain valve, use a submersible pump. A submersible pump would be considerably quicker than using the drain.

Step 4 – Remove the Filter

Remove the filter from its housing.

Step 5 – Clean the Inside of the Hot Tub

Use a hot tub-specific, non-foaming cleaner to clean the inside of the tub. Ordinary household cleaners can leave deposits on the sides that could affect the way the hot tub chemicals react when you refill the tub. Some household cleaners are abrasive and can ruin the finish on your tub liner as well. Use soft non-abrasive cloths for applying the cleaners.

Step 6 – Clean the Filter Housing

Make sure to clean the inside of the filter housing and flush out any debris that might have fallen in there off the filter when you removed it.

Step 7 – Flush the Hot Tub

Rinse the hot tub thoroughly to remove any cleaner residue.

Step 8 – Clean the Filter

The hot tub filter needs to be thoroughly cleaned every time you change the water as well as at your normal interval.

Use a soft brush to remove any major accumulations of debris from the filter. It is best if the filter can be soaked in a special cleaning solution for at least 12 hours. Use a hose to wash the cleaner. The jet spray of the hose should be applied at an angle and each fold in the filter element should be carefully flushed.

Step 9 – Replace the Filter

Replace the filter into the housing and make sure that it is seated correctly. Do not force the filter into place, you could damage it.

Step 10 – Refill the Hot Tub

Close the bottom drain valve and fill the hot tub with fresh water. Close the circuit breaker and run the system at full power for a few minutes to clear any air from the plumbing and flush any loose debris from the pipes into the filter.

Step 11 – Check the Water

Test the water and adjust the various levels.

If your hot tub has a cover it is a good idea to clean the cover every time you change the water.