How to Change Your Truck Brake Rotors

  • 3-6 hours
  • 150-250
What You'll Need
Truck brake rotors
Cleaning alcohol
Jack stands

Changing truck brake rotors should be second nature to a pickup truck owner. Unless the pickup has anti-lock brakes, the procedure is fairly simple. Follow the steps below to fix the truck brake rotors.

Step 1 – Front Truck Brake Rotor

Station the truck in an open and safe spot. Make sure it is parked on an even surface. With the help of a jack, elevate the truck. The wheel lugs have to be loosened. Double check if the jack stand is providing proper support to the truck.

Step 2 – Disassemble

Before removing the truck brake rotors, you have to disassemble the parts covering it. Check the truck and locate parts like brake caliper, caliper mounting brackets, and the ring that keeps the truck brake rotors in place. After locating them, remove the parts with a wrench.

Step 3 – Remove the Rotor

After having removed all the above mentioned parts accessing the rotor is easy. Carefully remove the rotor as well as wheel bearings if any. Extra care has to be taken while handling the wheel bearings. Store them in a clean and dry place. If dirt settles on it, the wheel bearings will get contaminated.

Step 4 – Clean, Matting Surface

The next step is to rid the flange surface of any dirt. The hub should be clean; otherwise the new truck brake rotors will not function properly. It could lead to run outs or irregular brake movements.

Step 5 - Installing the Rotor

Now place the newly purchased rotor. Assemble all the parts that were taken off earlier. Make sure the wheel bearing, ring, brackets and calipers are secured in place.

Step 6 – Back in Shape

Place the tire and the wheel lugs. Lower the truck by taking it off the jack. With a wrench tighten the lugs.

Step 7 – Test Drive

Take the truck on a test drive to ascertain that the brakes are functioning well. Test drive in an open area.

Step 8 – Rear Truck Brake Rotor

The procedure to change the truck brake rotors at the rear end is fairly the same.

Step 9 – Recap

Raise the truck and disassemble all the parts to expose the old rotor. Now replace the old rotor with the new one.

Step 10 – The Parts

Along with the brackets, ring, wheel bearing and other parts, remember to check and take off the brake pads if necessary.

Step 11 – Test Drive

Clean the surface and replace the old rotor with the new one and reassemble the parts on the truck. Now test drive to check if the brakes are fine.

Step 12 – Tip

Before placing the truck brake rotors, remember to wipe away the protective layer from the surface of the new rotor. Denatured alcohol should be used for this.