How to Check a Car's Front Wheel Alignment

What You'll Need
Car Jack

It is always a good idea to check a cars' front wheel alignment. To keep a vehicle in safe working condition is always a good thing to do and here is how a person conducts this task:

Step 1 - Car Jack

Before beginning this task it is a good idea to make sure that a great car jack is on hand. Since the car or other vehicle has to be lifted it is always good to have sturdy equipment to do the job.

Step 2 - Lifting the Vehicle Up

Use the car jack to lift the vehicle up. The front tires will be jacked up and the jack will be positioned under the axle. By doing this the tires will come off the ground faster.

Step 3 - Working the Tires

By placing one hand on top of the tire and one on the bottom of it a person will try to move the tires. Try to move the tires in and out and if there is good front wheel alignment the tires will not move at all. After repeating this process from the sides of the tires repeat the steps on the other side of the vehicle.