How to Choose a Drain Cleaner

Choosing the right drain cleaner for your home can be quite confusing. There are so many different brands available in the market that it becomes difficult to choose. Here are a few tips to help you choose an effective drain cleaner.

Purpose of Use - The most important thing to consider before selecting a drain cleaner is why you need it. You may want a drain cleaner to clean your clogged drains effectively or to prevent the problem of choked drains. You should buy a powerful drain cleaner if you want to clear out a clogged drain. For daily maintenance, use a mild drain cleaner.

Causes of Clogging - There may be many things that cause clogged drains. If your drains get clogged due to hair stuck inside, you must buy a drain cleaner along with a strainer to seize the hair and a drain brush that will enable you to drag the hair out of the drain.

Often kitchen sinks face a major problem of clogging. This problem could be due to food sticking inside the drain pipe. Choose a drain cleaner that fragments the food for easy cleaning

Child safety is important too hence, select a drain cleaner that is completely harmless for you and your child.

Chemicals Used - Check on the chemicals used in the drain cleaners. You may not want to use harsh cleaners for your kitchen sinks, bathroom drains and toilet drains. You can look for organic drain cleaners that are not only gentle on your drainage pipes, but also safe for your children and family. If chemicals are okay with you, check on the ingredients you want in your drain cleaner and the ones that you don’t.

Budget - Drain cleaners can be expensive or cheap, depending upon the brand and type of drain cleaner you buy. An expensive drain cleaner is not necessarily the most effective. Similarly, a cheaper drain cleaner does not mean that it won’t work. Efficient cleaning of your drains should be your prime motive. Do not buy a drain cleaner only because it is very cheap. You can buy a powerful and expensive drain cleaner for cleaning a clogged drain. Buy a drain cleaner in a medium price range that you can use on a regular basis for daily maintenance.

Brands - Brands should not be important criteria when buying drain cleaners. You can also look for drain cleaners from a line of household products that you like when shopping. You can try two to three different drain cleaners to find out which one works best for you. This will help you buy the right drain cleaner for your home.

You can always ask friends, relatives etc. about which drain cleaners they use and which ones are efficient. This will help you to get a quick review on drain cleaners and make your selection easy. You can then shortlist a drain cleaner from this list.