How to Choose a Garage Door Threshold

A garage door threshold is an important part of the design of your garage. They help keep debris out of the garage, and force water to run away from the floor. Additionally, they are fairly cheap and there is no reason to go without one.

Aluminum Thresholds

If your garage is used as a workshop or storage for large equipment, then an aluminum threshold may be your best choice. They are cheaper than some of the other materials available and much more durable. Aluminum thresholds will control unwanted airflow, water, pests and debris from entering your garage.

Vinyl Thresholds

Vinyl thresholds have become a popular choice for those who are conscious of how the threshold looks. You can find vinyl products in many colors and some that even imitate wood grain. They are also durable, but can crack with extreme temperatures or weight. If your garage is only used to store cars then the vinyl may be a good option. If you have very heavy equipment, or the garage is used as a workshop then vinyl may not withstand the constant use.

Basic Storm Shields

Many people will choose to use a partial threshold, or a storm shield. These won’t be as weatherproof and may not keep large debris out of the garage. If you use your garage only to park your car then this isn’t a bad option. If you plan on spending any time in your garage you will want to look in to options that provide air flow control as well.

A threshold serves many purposes. If you want to protect the floor of your garage and help keep the garage a comfortable temperature, then you definitely want to make sure you have a threshold installed.