How to Choose a Security Door

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When you are choosing a security door, you should take into account many things. The style and design of your home should be one of the most important indicators of style. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a security door that goes with most home décor. Wooden doors can be painted to fit in with your color scheme but are not quite as secure as a steel door. Here are the things you need to take into account before choosing your security door.

Things to Take into Account:

The style and design of your house

Door Materials



Type of Door

Security doors come in wood, fiberglass, stainless steel, and aluminum. Wood looks great and may suit the style of your home, but metal doors will give extra protection and are difficult to break. Some stainless steel doors are decorated or laminated with wood, allowing for a suitable compromise.

Make sure the security door has a strong frame and be aware that a steel door can actually attract thieves as it looks as though you have a lot of valuables to hide. If you choose a wooden door, make sure it is made from a strong wood like oak.

A security screen may not be as secure as a solid door, but it is a good option to allow you to see and talk to someone at the door without letting them inside. Some of these screen doors are surprisingly strong and can be left open while you are home for light and ventilation.

    Installation concerns

    A metal door will probably come with its own frame, but any frame must be as secure as the door. Can you install the type of lock that you want? Does the door come with peephole and lock options? Make sure you have a duplicate key.

    Is the door installation simple enough for you to do it, or will you need to employ a builder, or installer, and a locksmith? A professional installer will do a neater job because security doors are designed to fit snug in the frame which can cause problems if your door frame is a little out of square. In this situation, the installer has the tools and experience to fix any fitting problems.

    Decide on the Price You Are Willing to Pay

    Not everyone can afford a high-end security door so you have to decide on the options you must-have for your own piece-of-mind. A stainless steel door with a complicated lock system will cost a lot more than a solid oak door with a single deadlock.

    Keep in mind that a lot of locks can make it difficult to leave fast in case of a house fire. Aluminum doors are cheaper but are not as sturdy as steel or solid wood. Lastly, be aware of any local fire regulations and security rules that may affect your choice. Safety should be your first concern.