How to Choose an Electric Fuel Pump

a hand holding a fuel pump
  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 75-250
What You'll Need
Voltage tester
Electric pump
What You'll Need
Voltage tester
Electric pump

An electric fuel pump is very efficient and is usually located near or inside the fuel tank. There are two types of electric pumps. An inline fuel pump, which connects to the fuel line and its wires connected to the battery while an in-tank pump is located inside the fuel tank. The pump creates pressure that pushes gas into the engine to fire up the vehicle. Choosing the right pump for your vehicle will ensure that it maintains an efficient supply of fuel to the engine for the ultimate performance of the vehicle. There are simple guidelines that will help you choose the correct electric fuel pump.

Step 1 – Determine Engine Power

The full power of the engine of your vehicle and how much fuel it requires to achieve this is the first determinant of the kind of fuel pump to choose. Get the fuel pump that matches the power of your engine. Getting a small pump will starve the motor of your vehicle and cause it to perform poorly. On the other hand, getting a bigger pump for a less powerful engine will draw in more fuel than the engine can consume not only costing you the fuel but also resulting into problems such as engine surging.

Step 2 - Establish the Engine’s Fuel Efficiency

As the pressure of the fuel system rises, the volume of the pump decreases. Knowing the maximum pressure of your vehicle’s fuel system will guide you in choosing an electric pump whose flow volume matches the pressure.

Step 3 - Find out the Voltage of the Pump

Establish the voltage of the pump required for the total engine load of your vehicle and the pump’s flow volume at that voltage. Ensure that the voltage of your electric fuel pump is the correct one to pump sufficient fuel to the engine. The voltage of the electric pump creates pressure on the fuel and moves it into the fuel system. Therefore, the higher the voltage the greater the volume of fuel pushed into the fuel system. You must however ensure that your electric fuel pump’s voltage matches the pressure of the fuel system.

Step 4 - Identify Car and Engine Details

Other engine details that will aid you in choosing an electric fuel pump are size of engine, the year of manufacture as well as the make and model of your vehicle. This will guide you in getting the fuel pump that is best suited to fuel the exact provisions of the engine.

Step 5 – Go for Trusted Brands

Having matched all the electric pump qualities to the needs of your car, choose a pump from a trusted brand. A strong brand will guarantee quality and the pump will perform as stipulated. At the same time, buying your electric fuel pump from a trusted dealer comes with a warranty, which is a form of security within a certain period to avoid loss of money in case the pump does not function as expected.