How To Choose Playroom Flooring

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Your playroom flooring choice will play a big role in how much your children enjoy their playroom. There are many different types of kid-friendly flooring options.

Foam Tiles

Foam tiles are great for playrooms. They are soft and won’t cause carpet burns if your children play on the floor. They are also easy to clean and replace should one be stained or torn. Foam tiles are available in variety of colors, from bright primary colors to laminate that looks like wood. Some even have numbers and letters of the alphabet on each panel.

This flooring is lightweight, made of interlocking pieces that can be installed over existing flooring with very little effort. Best of all, foam tile flooring is very cheap!

Carpet Tiles

If your children are a little older, carpet tiles may be a better choice. They can make a room seem more mature, but they are still simple to replace in case of spills. The tiles are fairly inexpensive and can be placed over any hard surface.

The downside to the carpet tiles is the actual material. If your kids spend a lot of time on the floor, the carpet can become irritating to their skin.


Linoleum flooring is easy to clean, but can be hard on your kids. If your kids are older, or they have interests in art, then linoleum may be a good option. Though it is difficult to replace, it is cheap to install and very easy to clean, especially compared to more absorbent or fabric materials.

You should not use any kind of slick surface for kids just learning to walk or toddlers who are still wobbly. It should also not be used if your kids have a habit of running around. Linoleum is really best for rooms used by kids older than 8.

Low Nap Carpet

If you like the look of carpet and want to keep it consistent throughout your home, look for low nap carpet options for your playroom. They are easier on your children if they spend time on the floor.

Low nap carpets aren’t completely stain-resistant, but are much easier to clean if something spills. They are usually made to be water-resistant. You can vacuum them as you would any other carpets.

Throw Rugs

If you don't want to install a whole new floor in an established room, consider using some inexpensive throw rugs instead. Put them over non-slip mats, and remember that kids can be messy. Choose machine washable rugs or very inexpensive styles that can be easily replaced.