How to Choose Sauna Wood

When you’re building a sauna the sauna wood is perhaps the most important decision you’ll make. The properties of each and the type of look you want are going to help you make your decision on which sauna wood to choose. There are several different types of wood available.

• Spruce – The most popular wood to use for building a sauna is spruce wood. This is because it is very sturdy wood and it doesn’t conduct heat very well making it a perfect wood for building with. It also doesn’t leak any resin.
• Pine – Another very popular sauna wood is pine. Pine tends to give off resin under the high temperatures of a sauna. When choosing pine look for knot free wood. As a bonus the wood turns to a golden color over time.
• Cedarwood – Cedarwood gives off an aroma that many people love. This wood has a reddish color to it.

Things to Watch for with Sauna Wood
• Do not select wood that is painted or stained. The high heat of a sauna can cause toxins to come off of the wood.
• Make sure the sauna wood you choose doesn’t conduct heat very well.