How to Choose Windows for Your Enclosed Patio

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Installing windows is one of the most popular ways to surround an enclosed patio. Installing windows onto an enclosed patio will enable you to enjoy watching the outside world go by whilst being safely tucked up inside.

Settle a Budget

The cost of windows for enclosed patios varies a great deal. Different sizes, styles, and materials of windows can vary thousands of dollars. Setting a limit on how much you are willing to spend is the first and foremost factor you need to determine as this will inevitably affect your choice of windows.

Decide the Size and Quantity of Windows

Patio windows come in all shapes and sizes. Some people prefer to have the whole of their patio enclosed with glass using a combination of windows and doors, whilst others prefer to have only 1 or 2 installed. The second aspect you therefore need to consider when choosing windows for your enclosed patio is how many windows you want and how big you want the windows to be.

Large windows obviously offer more light, a greater view of the garden or road and provide greater aesthetics. Smaller and fewer windows incorporated into the enclosed patio provide more privacy, less sunlight glaring into the patio, and will provide a cozier atmosphere.

Determine Whether You Want Standard or Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows have some definite advantages over standard windows. By choosing double glazed windows for your enclosed patio, it will reduce the noise levels intruding in from outside, the patio will be better insulated and less drafty as well as being harder to break into and therefore less prone to robberies.

However, double-glazed windows are not without their disadvantages. The cost to double glaze your enclosed patio will be considerably more than if you were to use standard windows. Also, some people believe double glazed windows do not look as quaint or rustic as windows which are not double glazed. Making the choice between standard or double glazed windows will ultimately influence the overall look of your enclosed patio and needs to be considered with a lot of thought.

Engross Yourself in Images of Patio Windows

There are endless styles and designs of windows available for enclosed patios. Consult as many window and patio specialists as possible for advice and take some time to mull over examples, pictures, showroom models and websites before you commit to a particular style of window. Ensure the windows you do choose to enclose your patio are in keeping with the rest of your house.

Draw a Plan of Your Patio with Your Chosen Windows

Once you have decided on the windows you want for your enclosed patio, it is advisable to draw a design plan. Use a pencil and ruler and incorporate the windows you have decided on into the drawing.

By doing a drawing of the enclosed patio, it may highlight any discrepancies in the size, style and quantity of windows you have decided on. If this is the case, it is easier to choose different windows for your enclosed patio now than it will be when they have been fitted.