How to Choose Your Cold Air Intake System

Getting the right kind of cold air intake system for your car can seem like a very complicated process. There are a lot of different specifications which can sometimes seem mutually exclusive, and finding the best fit for your particular vehicle can be a frustrating business. You could place your options under the eye of an expert, but this may cost money and might not give you what you want. Instead, you should prioritize your needs and pick out the system which best fits your criteria.

Style or Substance in Your Air Intake

The first thing you should decide is whether you are looking for style or substance in your cold air intake system. If you want something which is flashy, say chrome metal or even a painted intake pipe, then this would probably make you ignore harder working systems. These stylish varieties will be more expensive than your standard pipework, but they will certainly make you stand out at the traffic lights. When you are considering whether to choose style over substance, remember your budget. A good system will cost you around $180, but a flashier air intake device may cost as much as $400.

Pick Your Own Variety

Cold air intake systems can be divided into two distinct varieties, known as the short ram intake, and the complete cold air intake systems. The short ram operate closer to your engine than the complete systems, and are usually suitable for installation by the car owner, so this can be the one to choose if you want to install it yourself. Complete systems are closer to the ground, and further from the engine, than the short ram, and sometimes have to relocate the air box in order to work successfully, meaning that you would probably not be able to install these yourself.

Match Your Car and System

You will also need to assess whether your air intake pipes will function on your car or combine well with your engine. No matter how hefty, or stylish, your air intake devices, if it doesn't work with your vehicle, then you shouldn't buy it. Another thing to consider is whether you will be driving through water levels which are higher than normal, as an air intake pipe can draw water into your engine, which can damage it, resulting in expensive repairs.

Check the Quality

Before spending any money on your cold air intake device, make sure that it is registered with all of the right bodies, including the California Air Resources Board. A pass from this body means that the air intake system has the approval of the state with the strictest laws on pollution and smog. Once you have narrowed down your decision, you can also decide to look at the warranties or guarantees for any models you are deciding between. Different manufacturers will offer different levels of warranty and insurance, so some will try and claim that their cold air intake systems improve the power of your car. This can help you to choose a particular model.