How to Clean a Bamboo Bathroom Wall Panel

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Bamboo bathroom wall panels are a simple, inexpensive, and eco-friendly way to decorate your bathroom walls. Bamboo will add to any bathroom but complements a tropical or oriental-themed bathroom especially well.

Benefits of Bamboo Bathroom Panels

Bamboo is a highly sustainable product; it can be harvested without cutting down the entire plant.
Bamboo is an incredibly strong hardwood, stronger than oak, maple, and fiberglass.
Wall paneling can be backed with other materials like foam, gypsum board, concrete, or plastic for insulating purposes.

To keep your bamboo bathroom wall panels in peak condition, follow these guidelines for cleaning and maintenance.

Regular Cleanings and Maintenance

Applying too much water onto bamboo will eventually wear it out. Always try to keep your bamboo as dry as possible. Depending on the humidity, traffic, and pollution that your bamboo is exposed to, clean weekly to monthly with a cloth dampened in a solution of oil soap (like Murphy’s Oil Soap) and warm water. Wipe down with a dry cloth after cleaning.

Clean Spills Immediately

Bamboo can absorb spillage into its cracks, so if food, drink, or other staining materials are spilled onto the bamboo wall panel, clean up immediately.

Removing Stains

If your bamboo wall panels do get stained, there are a number of ways you can remove them. Try something non-toxic and easy on the environment before using any high-chemical product. Some stains will be able to removed by sprinkling salt onto the stain and then scrubbing with a scrubbing cloth. Dampen the scrubbing cloth in warm water and scrub the stain for a couple of minutes until the stain lifts.

For more serious stains, use a solution of salt, household ammonia, and warm, clean water. In a plastic bucket, fill with a quart or more warmish water. For every quart of water, mix in a tablespoon of ammonia and a tablespoon of salt. Mix thoroughly and scrub thoroughly into the stains. Use rubber gloves to protect your hands, being sure to keep them out of your eyes as well. After scrubbing, wipe down with a cloth or sponge dampened with only clean water. Finish off by wiping down with a dry cloth

Cover with a Bamboo Polish

Polishing can help protect your bamboo from stains. Consider covering freshly cleaned bamboo with a polish made specifically for bamboo. Keep your beautiful bamboo bathroom wall panels like new by following these easy, cleaning suggestions.