How to Clean a Bamboo Table Runner

A bamboo table runner is elegant, unique and easy to maintain. The bamboo plant is an integral part of the Asian lifestyle and culture. Many believe it brings luck and fortune. It is a highly valued product and is used for many different types of products that are used daily in homes or offices.

Features of Bamboo Table Runners

Bamboo table runners come in various colors. The colors are natural and carbonized. The runners are offered in various colors, such as red, green, purple and pink. The table runners can also be dyed to match whatever decor you require.

Production Process

The production process of bamboo involves steaming and boiling. The boiling is done at very high temperature. The product is then sterilized and exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Bamboo is a "green" natural source of wood because the product is not hazardous to the environment. The finished product is durable and elegant.

Cleaning the Product

The bamboo table runner is very easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is wipe it with a clean dry cloth. It can also withstand daily washing with mild soap and warm water. The runners are also easy to store, all you need is roll it up and put it away.