How to Clean a Barbecue Grill

Wiping a grill
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-40
What You'll Need
Rubber gloves
Grill brush
Hot water
Liquid soap
Oven cleaner
Moist cleaning towel
Spray bottle
Non-stick oil spray

A good barbeque grill is a purchase that lasts many years when maintained properly. A dirty grill is unhygienic, and looks unappealing with burnt pieces of leftover food stuck to the grates, and ash or charcoal all over the bottom. Whether you have a charcoal, electric, gas, or pellet powered grill, regular cleanliness is important not just for its maintenance but also for health reasons.

Follow these simple cleaning tips to make your barbeque grill look as good as new.

Step 1 - Brush the Grates Well

Give your grill sufficient time to cool down before you begin cleaning it. For cast iron grates, purchase a stainless steel brush, and use a brass bristle brush if your grill grates are coated with porcelain.

Remove the grates from the grill and brush them in a circular motion to loosen grease or pieces of stuck food. Make sure you cover the entire surface area of the grates.

You should brush your grates on a regular basis, especially after you use the grill. This will also prevent stuck particles from accumulating and make the thorough cleaning job easier and less time consuming.

Step 2 - Soap the Grates

pineapple on a grill

After a thorough brushing, mix liquid soap with hot water in any deep bowl and pour it over the grates. Do not use harsh chemicals or bleaching agents.

You can also immerse the grates in a bucket of hot soapy water for ten to fifteen minutes to loosen stuck particles and then brush them off. Rinse the grates with clean water and air-dry them before putting them back on the grill.

For stubborn particles, spray the grates with an oven cleaner and allow it to settle for about fifteen minutes. Brush the grates and rinse them with hot soapy water.

Step 3 - Clean the Grease Pan

Check the grease pan below for buildup of any debris and use hot soapy water to clean away any accumulated grease.

Step 4 - Clean the Lid

Pour some liquid soap over the lid, especially the inside. Brush it thoroughly and rinse it with water. Allow it to dry in the sun. Spray oven cleaner for particles that are hard to remove.

Step 5 - Remove Ash and Coal

corn on a grill

Collect any leftover coal and ash from the bottom of the grill and discard them. Use the brush to remove any particles stuck to the base with grease. Rinse with hot soapy water, if needed.

Step 6 - Scrub the Exterior

After cleaning the interior, rinse the exterior with soap and water and brush thoroughly. Use a moist cleaning towel over burners, gas valves, knobs and handles. Allow the grill to dry out in the sun.

Lightly spray or brush the grates with non-stick cooking oil to prevent them from rusting. This will also make it easier to clean up the next time. Keep your grill covered when not in use.