How to Clean a Bathroom Fan

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What You'll Need
Mild scrubber
Soap water
Dry cloth

The bathroom fan is usually the most neglected part of your house. As the bathroom is usually a fully enclosed room with little ventilation, the fan just keeps circulating the bad air in the room while it is operational, and collects dust on the outside when it is turned off. If you don't periodically clean your bathroom fan, it will develop residues and harmful bacteria.

Step 1 - Make Appropriate Preparations

Don't clean the floor of the bathroom beforehand, since a lot of dust will fall on the floor and you will have to clean it again. Before cleaning the fan, ensure that the power is switched off in order to avoid short circuits or electrocution.

Step 2 - Opening the Enclosure

Bathroom fans are typically enclosed in a plastic housing that is held together by simple clips, or by a few easy to access screws. You will need to undo the front cover of the fan to clean the louvers of the cover before being able to access the main fan blades themselves. Make sure you have the correct tools.

Step 3 - The Wet Cleaning Process

Use a clean cloth or a duster to wipe the dust from the fan wings. When the dust is off the fan, then take your scrubber or a rag soaked in the soapy water. Wipe the fan with it till the dirt comes off. You might need to change your soap water in case it becomes very dirty by re-dipping the rag.

Step 4 - Wiping off the Residue

Once you have cleaned the fan with the soapy water, take your dry cloth and wipe off the excess dirt and water.

Step 5 - Drying the Fan

Make sure no water or moisture remains on the fan, as it may slip into the electric motor and cause short circuiting. It is always advisable to run your dry cloth over the fan a couple of times. Once the fan is dry, turn it on to further dry it.

Step 6 - Wrapping Up

The last step is to attach the cover back onto the fan and clean the remaining mess on the floor from the fan. You will see and feel the difference. A clean fan gives a pleasant air and makes the bathroom look much cleaner.