How to Clean a Canopy Bed Net

A canopy bed net offers an alternative to add covering on your canopy bed. Over time, though, your canopy bed net will need to be washed, just as any other bed covering. Keeping your bed canopy net clean will ensure its use for a long time to come.

Decorative Canopy Bed Net with Designs and Bead Work

If your canopy bed net has beads and extra design on it, you will need to handwash the net as opposed to machine washing it. Decorative netting needs more care so that the beads and design work do not pull on the mesh and cause damage. To begin, fill a tub or sink with warm water and just a little bit of laundry detergent. Make sure that the detergent that you are using does not contain bleach or a bleach alternative. Once the tub is full, agitate or stir the water briefly until suds form. Remove the canopy bed net from the bed frame. This may require removing the rails from the frame, make sure you have the tools you will need such as a hex wrench or a screwdriver.

Place the canopy bed net gently into the water and allow it to soak for a few minutes to remove dirt and dust build up. Once you have let it soak, gently agitate the water being careful not use too much force and cause the net to tear. Remove the net from the water and drain out the soapy water. You may gently squeeze out the water, but avoid wringing it out as it can stretch and change shape.

If your canopy bed net has the beads glued on rather than sewn on, avoid soaking it in the water as this can loosen the glue. Consult the care guide that came with your net or you can take it to a dry cleaner for the best results.

Fill the tub or sink again with clean water and place the canopy bed net back into the water and rinse it. After the soap has been rinsed from the net, place the canopy bed net between two soft, dry towels. Carefully press on the canopy bed net to remove the excess water. Since most canopy bed netting is thin, most of the water will be soaked up by the towels.

To allow the net to dry completely, it can be spread out over clean, dry towels or hung over a large piece of furniture such as a couch or a bed.

Canopy Bed Net Without Bead Work or Design

Remove the canopy bed net from the bed frame. Carefully shake out as much dirt as possible before placing it in the washing machine. Put the canopy bed net into the washing machine with the appropriate amount of laundry detergent. When washing the canopy bed net, use the gentle cycle with a warm wash and a cold rinse. When the cycle is complete, lay the net on dry towels or outside to dry completely

These are general guidelines for washing and caring for your canopy bed net. If your canopy bed net came with different care instructions, follow those steps instead