How to Clean a Car Seat Cushion

  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 5-10
What You'll Need
Manufacturers manual
Gentle cleaning brush

A car seat cushion can be helpful if you have a baby. An infant car seat cushion will provide protection for your child. However, naturally, these cushions can easily become dirty, and you will need to find a way to clean them.

Step 1 -- Remove the Pad

The pad of the car seat cushion will require cleaning, so you will have to remove it. First, you will have to get the straps off. If you cannot succeed in removing the pad, consult the manufacturer’s manual for instructions. There may be slight differences between various types of car seat cushions.

Step 2 -- Remove Surface Dirt and Stains

Use a regular dirt brush to remove the dirt and stains from the cushion pads prior to wetting the area. You may use the same brush or a moist cloth to clean the plastic areas of the car seat.

Step 3 -- Clean the Car Seat Canopy

Using diluted detergent in lukewarm water and a brush, clean the surface of the cushion pads. Don’t use a washing machine for the job (not even a gentle cycle), as the pads may be destroyed in the machine. Rinse with clean water.

Step 4 -- Dry the Canopy

Allow the cushions to dry. Do not tumble dry. You can hang the car seat cushions outside or indoors, and when completely dry, place the pads back on the car seat.