How to Clean a Ceramic Water Filter

What You'll Need
Muriatic acid
Two buckets
Long plastic stirrer
Face Mask
High-pressure hose
Safety glasses
Heavy-duty gloves
Ceramic water filter

A ceramic water filter is one of the best ways to filter your water from dirt, debris and bacteria while ensuring clean water. Ceramic water filters should be treated with silver as it helps kill bacteria and stop it from growing. It is always cheaper to clean out the filter yourself instead of asking for professional help. By following a few simple steps you can clean the filter out yourself making the job a satisfactory one.

Step 1 - Work in a Well-Ventilated Area

Take all of your supplies and preferably move to the outdoors. Outdoors are suggested as the area is sure to be ventilated. If an outdoor area is not available in your home, you should not worry. Find a well ventilated space and set up your supplies there.

Step 2 - Handling the Muriatic Acid

Keep your safety glasses, heavy duty gloves and face mask at hand since it is recommended to make use of them when handling cleaning chemicals. Wear your protective gear as soon as you are about to handle the muriatic acid in order to avoid harming yourself. Fill a bucket with half a gallon of clear water.  Take 2 cups filled with muriatic acid and carefully pour these into the bucket of water. Take the long plastic stirrer and mix well until the mixture is thoroughly blended. (Muriatic Acid can be found and purchased at pool supply and hardware stores)

Step 3 - High Pressure Hose

It is essential to hose down each side of the ceramic water filter equally but concentrating on areas having rust and calcium build up. Take hold of your filter and slowly place it into the bucket containing the muriatic acid. The bucket containing your water filter is then ideally placed in a well ventilated area and left for around five days so that the filter soaks in the muriatic acid well. As a precaution, make sure that this bucket is out of reach of children and pets.

Step 4 - The Last Few Touches

Fill a separate bucket with half a gallon of water. Take the ceramic water filter from the bucket of muriatic acid, and submerge it into the bucket of newly filled water. Leave it there for approximately five minutes. Remove the ceramic filter from the bucket and clean it by rinsing it thoroughly with the high pressure hose. And there you have it, a clean ceramic water filter.

Many people find this alternative extremely comfortable and economical for the simple reason that it is easy and cheap, not to mention the fact that it is self awarding to know that you are capable of cleaning your ceramic water filter. If these provided steps are followed, you have the necessary equipment and you are determined to do a good cleaning job, then you should definitely succeed in cleaning your ceramic water filter.