How to Clean a Chandelier on a High Ceiling

A chandelier can make an excellent focal point of any room. These amazing crystal light fixtures have long been associated with wealth and the upper class. Sometimes though, cleaning these beauties can be quite the chore, especially if they're on a high ceiling. This guide will give you a few ideas to help you in just such a situation.

Chandelier Maintenance

In order to keep your chandelier in optimal condition, dust it at least once a month. For cleaning, your chandelier really should be taken down and disassembled so you can get to each piece easily. If, for some reason, taking it down isn’t an option then there is still something you can do.

Extending Your Reach and Cleaning

First you’ll need a ladder. If you can, find a ladder that will allow you to easily reach the chandelier. First, use a duster to dust your chandelier. Next, use a spray bottle with water and a bit of dish soap to spray and wipe down the chandelier. If you’re unable or unwilling to take the chandelier down, this is as much cleaning as you’ll be able to do, but in most cases, this should be plenty.