How to Clean a Deck Glass Roof

What You'll Need
A ladder
A bucket
A soft brush
A long handle
A garden hose
Protective eye wear
Work gloves
Work boots

A glass roof can be easily cleaned with right tools and materials.

Step 1 – Safety

Put on your protective eye wear, work gloves and work boots before you begin. Be careful moving up and down the ladder. Be sure that you are especially careful removing any residue stuck to the roof. Do not stand on the roof or apply to much pressure to the roof as you are working.

Step 2 – Mixing the Cleaning Solution

Combine two parts of bleach, two parts of warm water and one part of vinegar in a bucket.

Step 3 – Applying the Cleaning Solution

Carefully rest the ladder against one end of the roof top. Attach the bucket of cleaning solution to the ladder. Attach the long handle to the soft cleaning brush. Climb the ladder with the brush. Immerse the brush into the bucket. Use the soft brush to apply the cleaning solution to a small section of the roof.

Allow the solution to sit for five minutes. Gently scrub the roof top. Continue moving the ladder down the edge of the roof and cleaning the rest of the glass until the entire roof has been cleaned. Use the garden hose to rinse the cleaning solution and any debris from the roof .