How to Clean a Deep Fryer Basket

Fries in a deep fryer
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-30
What You'll Need
Paper towels
Dish washing liquid

The deep fryer basket is the part of the deep fryer that gets the most use and the heaviest wear. It needs to be cleaned regularly in order for you to have the very best food. If you leave the oil too long it can eventually become rancid, which you really don’t want, as it will affect the food. Cleaning the deep fryer basket regularly will prevent that from happening.

Step 1 - Empty the Fryer Basket

The first step in cleaning the deep fryer basket is to empty it. Unplug the deep fryer and empty the oil into a container. You won’t get every last drop. Stand the deep fryer basket on its side with the open side over the sink. Place a small bowl in the sink to catch the rest of the oil. Wait until there’s only about one drop of oil every 10 seconds. Stand the deep fryer back up.

Step 2 - Paper Towels

Wad up some paper towels and wipe the inside of the deep fryer basket. The idea is to remove as much of the oil as possible. Once the paper towels are soaked, replace with fresh and repeat. You’ll need to do this several times in order to remove most of the oil from the deep fryer basket. Keep going until you’ve removed as much oil as possible from the deep fryer basket.

Step 3 - Soap

hand holding a bottle of dish soap

Soak the sponge and wring it out lightly before putting some dishwashing liquid soap on it. Wash the inside of the deep fryer basket with the soap, rubbing hard to remove the oil residue.

The ideal way to rinse the deep fryer basket is in the sink. If you have a deep sink you’ll be able to put the deep dryer in the sink and fill the basket. However, you need to ensure that the sink is dry and make sure no water runs on the outside of the fryer, which could enter the electrics of the appliance. If you can’t put the fryer basket in the sink, use a bowl or a cup to put water in the deeper fryer basket.

You’ll need to wash and rinse at least twice in order to remove the oil from the surface. You have to keep on washing and rinsing as long as the deep fryer basket remains oily to the touch. When the basket finally feels smooth, give a final rinse and then dry it with paper towels.

Step 4 - Exterior

To finish the cleaning, you’ll need to wipe down the exterior of the deep fryer basket. There will be oil on this, so use soap and water several times to clean it off completely. Rinse clean each time and continue until it no longer feels oily. Wipe dry with paper towels. If you feel you have got water in the electrics, leave the deep fryer for 24 hours to dry out before you use it.