How to Clean a Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

a Motorcycle Helmet

Cleaning a full face motorcycle helmet is an easy task that takes only a few hours. Riding your motorcycle in the roadway behind cars and trucks produces exhaust fumes and dirt that accumulate inside and outside of your helmet. Also, riding in the heat causes perspiration and odor to build up inside the helmet. It is important to clean the helmet periodically to remove these things.

List of Materials Needed

A vessel large enough to submerge the helmet entirely


Mild detergent

A warm water source

Paper towels

Plastic polish

Part 1 - Cleaning the Helmet's Visor:

Take a paper towel and wet it with warm water and shampoo. Apply the paper towel to the outer surface of the visor to dampen and loosen any road debris that may have accumulated or gotten stuck to the outer visor. Leave the towel in place over the visor. After a short period of time, remove this towel which was soaking the outer visor and wipe the outside of the visor clean with a new clean paper towel. Take a clean paper towel soaked in water and shampoo and gently pat down the inside of the visor. Be careful not to scrub the inside, as you may remove some of the coatings which have been applied by the manufacturer, such as an anti fog coating. Pat down the inside with a clean paper towel once you have washed it. Again, do not use a scrubbing motion. Once dry, clean only the outside on the visor with plastic polish.

Part 2 – Helmets with Removable Linings:

To clean a helmet with a removable inner lining requires you to remove the inner lining parts and wash them separately from the helmet shell. Remove the lining and the padding pieces. Place them in a washing machine with your regular laundry using the delicate cycle. Place the outer shell in a tub of lukewarm water. Submerge it completely in the bath. Then, add some good detergent which will dissolve the grease and grime which will have accumulated of the outer shell. Scrub the outside shell, both inside and out, until the shell is completely clean. Use some paper towels to dry the shell, and then wipe it down with some plastic polish. Reinstall the newly washed internal parts and padding. Reattach the visor. The helmet is now set for use once again.

Part 3 – Helmets Without Removable Linings:

Cleaning a full face motorcycle helmet without removable inner parts is a bit more difficult than cleaning one with a removable liner. Fill the water tub with warm water. First, you will clean the inside of the helmet and then the outside. Submerge the helmet into the tub of water completely, filling the inside with water. Once dampened, add some shampoo to the water. Scrub the inside of the helmet parts, the mouth guard, the fittings, etc. Once you have assured yourself you have removed all the stains and odors on the inside of the helmet, rinse the helmet out by submerging it into the tub filled with clean water. Refill the tub to clean the outside of the helmet shell. This time add some mild detergent to the water, to remove any road debris, or motor oil stains the road may have left on the outside of the shell. Scrub the shell with some paper towels and continue until you are satisfied it is clean. Again, rinse the helmet in another tub of clean warm water. Using paper towels, dry the outside of the helmet shell. Take the plastic polish and polish the outside of the helmet. Reattach the visor. Allow the lining to thoroughly dry. The helmet is now again ready for use.