How to Clean a Full View Storm Door

Porch and home with large windows and full storm door.
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-20

Since your full view storm door may be the central point of the front of your home, it is important you keep it clean. There are a number of ways to clean the glass and other components without leaving streaks or damaging the finish.

Step 1 - Use Traditional Cleaners

Traditional glass cleaners often work well for full-view storm doors. Name brand or off-brand blue glass cleaners can work well if you use the appropriate materials to wipe them down.

Multipurpose cleaners that advertise possible use on glass won't always work well with full view storm doors. Since these cleaners are made to clean a variety of surfaces, they are not really ideal for any surface, and their glass cleaning ability suffers. You are likely to see residue spots or streaks if you use multi-purpose cleaners.

If you have small children in the home, try an anti-bacterial cleaner or a formula with vinegar.

Step 2 - Use Homemade Cleaners

cleaning a window

For environmentally-friendly and cost-saving cleaners, try mixing your own solution. Adjust ratios to make your own cleaner that is just as effective, or even more effective, than a commercial brand.

2 cups rubbing alcohol

½ c. ammonia

1 tsp. liquid dishwashing soap

Add enough water to make one gallon.

Store the cleaner in a large bottle, such as a clean, clearly marked milk jug. Use a spray bottle to apply the cleaner to the doors.

Step 3 - Try a Dish Soap Formulation

Fill a one gallon jug with water. Soft water will work best for this purpose. Add 1/10-ounce of dish soap (about ½ a teaspoon) to the water. Mix thoroughly. Experiment with the amount of soap, depending on the soap’s concentration and your preference.

Use the cleaner in a bucket. Soak a sponge and apply to the window, scrubbing spots as needed. Remove with a squeegee and a rag or newspaper.

Step 4 - Consider These Cleaning Tips and Materials

glass on a door

Avoid cleaning a full view storm door when it is very sunny or windy outside. The glass will dry quickly if the sun is shining brightly. This means you won’t have time to thoroughly wipe the cleaner off of your door before it dries, and you’ll likely have streaks.

You can use paper towels or a lint-free cloth to wipe the cleaners off of the door. As an alternative, consider using crumpled newspapers.

Another good idea is to use a small, rubber squeegee, which works well for rain spots and general dirt. It is not as effective for handprints and scuffs.

If you wash one side of the door wiping horizontally and the other side of the door using vertical strokes, it will be simple for you to see which side of the door any streaks or spots are on.

Step 5 - Clean Hardware

Use a soft, dry cloth to polish hardware on your storm door. A good automotive wax will give metal hardware a protective finish and will keep the hardware from rusting.

You will not need to wax each time you wash the full view storm door—four times a year should be adequate.

Using the right materials and cleaners will allow you to keep your full view storm door in great condition.