How to Clean a Granite Paver Patio

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  • 2-8 hours
  • Beginner
  • 150-2,000
What You'll Need
Stone paver planer
Garden hose
Paint roller and tray
Pressure washer
Stone sealer

Cleaning a granite paver patio can help to rejuvenate it and keep it looking good. Granite pavers are highly durable, but they can still be affected by weathering and usage. Granite pavers can be professionally cleaned, but this is an expensive job. You should be able to save yourself a few hundred dollars by doing the job yourself. Doing the job yourself does not require any specialist skills. All of the required materials can be obtained at any well-stocked garden center or DIY store.

Step 1 - Prepare the Area

Remove any furniture or plants from the patio. Trim back any plants growing around the edges of the patio too. Clean the entire surface using a broom. Before you start work, the paving should be as clean as possible, without any dust or debris on it.

Step 2 - Purchase a Paver Cleaner

paver patio

Purchase a paving stone cleaner from your local hardware store. Ensure that it is appropriate for using with granite pavers. Some paving cleaner products are particularly strong and they can cause stains upon the pavers. Use a less potent cleaner to ensure that this risk is minimal. Ask for advice from the clerk at the hardware store for further information and be sure to read the product packaging carefully.

Step 3 - Apply the Paver Cleaner

Rinse the surface using a garden hose. Thoroughly wet the surface and sweep away any remaining dirt which is loosened by the water. Allow this to air dry before applying the paver cleaner.

When you are ready to use the paver cleaner, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for more specific guidelines for the product that you purchased. Fill the paint tray with the cleaning solution, and use a roller to apply a coat to the entire surface. To make the job easier, start from the house side of the patio first. Work your way towards the edge of the patio, making sure that you apply an even coat to the entire surface. When you have finished, leave the cleaner to soak into the granite surface for about 15 minutes.

Step 4 - Pressure Wash the Patio

A pressure washer can be purchased or hired easily enough. To save money, it is usually best to hire one unless you have reason to use one regularly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use it. Spray the cleaning solution off the patio, rinsing it thoroughly with the pressure washer. Allow the patio to dry thoroughly for a few hours.

Step 5 - Apply Stone Sealer

A quality stone sealer will help to protect the surface and restore its color. Use a clean paint tray and a roller to apply the stone sealer. Thoroughly coat the entire surface and leave it for the rest of the day to dry. Do not use the patio or return the furniture to it until the following day when the sealer is completely dry.