How to Clean a Kegerator

Now that the party is over, it's time to clean your empty kegerator. It’s important to keep the keg clean so that each time you fill it, you don’t end up drinking any unwanted bacteria that can grow inside a dirty keg. Cleaning also ensures that the next time you fill your keg up, the beer will taste as good as it should and won’t have any hints of the last keg of beer.

Flushing the Lines

The beer lines inside your kegerator are what the beer travels through to reach the tap on the top of the keg. Clean these lines with a non-abrasive detergent and water mixture. You’ll need to pressurize the process with either an air pump or CO2 in order to get the best results. After you have done this, flush the lines a few times with water to ensure there is no soap or build-up left in the lines.

Cleaning the Inside

When cleaning the inside of your kegerator, use a sponge and distilled white vinegar for the first go through. After that, clean it again with soap and water to ensure the vinegar is completely washed away.