How to Clean a Microfiber Couch

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-60
What You'll Need
2 empty spray bottles
Mild liquid soap
Feather duster
Absorbent sponge or washcloth
Rubbing alcohol
Soft-bristled scrub brush

In addition to being comfortable and resilient, microfiber couches can be successfully cleaned with the aid of a few common household items. Simply follow the five steps below to keep it looking fresh and new.

Disclaimer: Always spot-test in an inconspicuous spot before using any new products on your couch, even with common household cleaners like mild soap. Check with your manufacturer for specific cleaning instructions.

Step 1 - Dust Your Couch

First, you should thoroughly dust your couch. You can use a feather duster, or use a mini-vacuum for caked-on dust. If you don’t have either of the aforementioned tools, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Be sure to remove the cushions before dusting them to adequately dust both sides.

Step 2 - Make Your Cleaning Solution

Now that your microfiber couch has been vigorously dusted, it's time to make your cleaning solution. Start by combining warm water with a mild liquid soap inside of a clean spray bottle. While a dish-washing soap is best, you can use a liquid hand soap in a pinch.

Once the ingredients have been combined, securely seal the bottle, and then shake it well. It’s ready once it begins to sud.

Step 3 - Apply Your Cleaner to the Couch

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Next, lightly apply your homemade cleaner, paying special attention to any stained or dirt-heavy areas. Once the cleaner has been sprayed on, allow it to set in for one-three minutes. Then, use your washcloth or sponge to wipe the couch using circular motions.

Clean Stubborn Stains

If you come across any exceptionally stubborn stains, you may substitute the sponge or washcloth for a soft-bristled scrub brush.

If the stains still won’t come out, try scrubbing them with rubbing alcohol, effective in combating stains made by wine, juice, and other liquids. If you have any pen marks, you can try alternate methods like using baby wipes.

Step 4 - Spray With Water

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your couch, spray the areas with plain warm water to rinse.

Step 5 - Dry the Couch

Finally, blot the couch with a dry washcloth until the couch is completely dry.

If your couch is tattered and stained, you can always give your sofa a new lease on life by using a sofa cover or reupholstering.