How to Clean a Nursery Crib

What You'll Need
Mild cleaning detergent
Hot water
Plastic container
Infant swing or play pen

A nursery crib will serve as your baby's sleeping and playing area as well as his or her hangout during the early months or years of his life. This is why, it is only right that you keep it clean and sanitized so that no harm will come your child's way. Failing to clean the crib properly can cause for bacteria build up. It's also possible for clutter to endanger your kid's safety. Here are some tips on how to clean a nursery crib. 

Step 1 - Put the Baby in a Safe Place 

Before you go on with the cleaning process, make sure that you put your baby in a safe place. This can be in an infant swing or play pen. Of course, it is important to have another adult watch over your baby while you clean the crib as you might get too preoccupied with cleaning the crib. 

Step 2 - Remove All the Items in the Crib

Work on to remove all the things in the crib including beddings, pillows, blankets, books, toys, and any other item inside. Look for things that may have gotten stuck in the corners or slats of the crib as well as underneath the mat. 

Step 3 - Wash the Beddings

Soak the beddings and pillows in a basin of hot water for a few minutes. Rinse it before soaping with a mild detergent that is baby-friendly and yet have antibacterial powers to ensure that all bacteria gets killed during the process. After that, rinse at least twice thoroughly. In case the beddings are not washable, clean it with a wash cloth or sponge dipped in soapy water.

Rinse using a new sponge dipped in water. It would also be recommended to read the manufacturer's instructions for washing before you do this step. If the manual requires hand washing then don't make the mistake of washing the beddings in a machine. Let the mattress dry under the sun to kill dust mites that may have accumulated inside. Hand vacuum the beddings to get all the dirt out. 

Step 4 - Scrub the Crib Surface

For the crib, get a bucket of water. Pour in some infant-friendly detergent. Dip a clean cloth or sponge into the soapy solution. Clean all the surfaces, corners, edges, and sides of the crib. During the process, see if there are any missing screws or bolts. Remove all traces of spits and feces thoroughly as this is where bacteria would accumulate. 

Step 5 - Allow Crib to Dry

Let the crib air dry naturally. If your baby needs to use the crib right away, you can also use a clean dry towel to absorb the moisture. Just make sure that it's completely dry before you put back the beddings and pillows.

Don't put heavy pillows or blankets inside the crib. Put in infant-friendly toys that do not have any sharp or pointed edges, cords, and loose parts. When washing the beddings, separate them from the other dirty clothes.