How to Clean a Saltwater Fishing Reel

What You'll Need
Fresh Water
Bristle brush
Salt away solution

If you've ever been deep sea fishing then you know that a deep sea saltwater fishing reel can become encrusted with salt and various other debris. This makes it almost impossible to use. If your reel is too dirty or encrusted it will be nearly impossible to cast out and if you do, when you reel it in, the reel itself well come in at strange angles and be uneven. Doing this for too often can even cause your reel to eventually break into pieces, rendering it completely unusable. In this article we're going to cover how to clean your salt water reel.

Step 1 Unwind the Reel

This is probably the most difficult task in this tutorial as fishing reels are particularly long and even longer when it's a deep sea fishing reel. You want to unroll it completely so you can see where all of the salt build up and other grime is.

Step 2 Dry Clean

Take the bristle brush and clean off anything that you can see hanging off of the deep sea reel. This will typically include dirt and various forms of algae. Luckily these things don't typically hold on to the reel very tightly; this will allow you to simply scrub most of the debris off of the reel.

Step 3 Soak the Bristle Brush

The bristle brush by itself will remove most grime and dirt built up from your deep sea fishing reel, but your main enemy when it comes to deep sea fishing is salt build up. Let your bristle brush soak in the salt solution until it's nice and saturated. Then finally let it drip for a few seconds so the solution isn't dripping in areas where you don't want it to drip.

Step 4 Go Over the Line Again

Now that you have the salt-away solution on your bristle brush go over your entire fishing line again and scrub off the salt. Salt that's particularly difficult to get off can simply be soaked with the salt-away solution and then scrubbed later on. This should not only get the salt off, but it will remove any stuck algae or dirt as well.

Step 5 Clean the Barrel

The reel line itself can be cleaned, but if the barrel isn't clean then it's going to be uneven and tangled when you try to reel your line back in. While you have your line spread out in whatever area you chose you should clean off the barrel of your rod. Clean the barrel by scrubbing it with the bristle brush. Do this once while the brush is dry to remove any outward grime and then once again when the bristle brush has been soaked in the salt-away solution. This will allow you to remove anything that was stuck on after the first scrub as well as remove the salt residue from the reel.

Step 6 Rinse it

After you've done all that, rinse your reel with fresh water and then reel it back in. Your reel will be ready for use again in no time.