How to Clean a Sandstone Patio

A sandstone patio provides a beautiful and traditional addition to your home. Sandstone is a natural and timeless product that can look great in many outdoor and indoor applications. It is also commonly used for paving out a patio area. Though it is highly durable, it does require some special attention occasionally to keep it well maintained and looking good. Cleaning a sandstone patio is quite a labor intensive task but there is nothing overly complicated about it. You will also need to purchase an appropriate cleaning product with a neutral pH value.

Tools and Materials

  • Garden hose
  • Sponge
  • Mop
  • Stone cleaning product
  • Soft brush
  • Broom
  • Stone sealer

Step 1 – Prepare the Surface

Sandstone is porous so it is important to choose the right cleaner. Before starting the work, clear the patio of any furniture or pot plants. Sweep the surface to get rid of most of the dust and dirt.

Step 2 – Basic Cleaning

For basic cleaning, a gentle scrubbing of the entire surface using a soft bristled brush is adequate. Sandstone naturally weathers over some time, forming a crust on the surface. This can be easily scrubbed off during simple cleaning processes. It is important to use a soft brush as you do not want to completely remove the protective surface, causing it to crumble. Do not, under any circumstances, use a hard bristled brush, especially a wire brush. Cleaning the pavers with water and a soft brush should be done every couple of months ideally. It takes a while, but it will help to preserve the appearance of the patio.

Step 3 – Removing Stains

For a more thorough clean, you will need to use specialist supplies. You should be able to get an appropriate stone cleaning product from your local home improvement store or garden center. Make sure that any cleaner you use has a neutral pH value otherwise you can damage the surface. Apply the cleaner as directed to by the manufacturer. This is often done by placing the correct amount of the cleaning product in a paint tray and rolling it over in an even coat covering the entire surface. This then needs to be left for some time to soak into the stone.

To clean away stains, a poulticing method should be used. This requires the use of an absorbing material mixed with the cleaning agent. The mixture then needs to be applied to the stone with the material held down over the surface. This should eventually lift the stain out of the stone though it may need repeating a few times.

Step 4 – Sealing the Tile

Sealing the sandstone patio will help to protect it and make it look better. Find an appropriate sealant and apply it evenly over the surface following the manufacturer’s instructions. Sealing and cleaning the tile, if done properly, can bring out the color in it and make it look much better. When the surface is dry, you can use the patio again and return any garden furniture to it.