How to Clean a Surface with a Faux Marble Finish

What You'll Need
All-natural and all-purpose cleaner
Lint-free soft cloth
Spray bottle
Paper towels
Soft-bristled brush

A faux marble finish is a much cheaper alternative to real marble. When you buy real marble you will receive a very beautiful piece of stone that is heavy and expensive. A faux marble finish will give you the same look and appeal of real marble with the weight or the cost. You can have a faux marble finish in the form of Formica over wood but these are noticeable as being fake marble. Another kind of faux marble finish is found on a product called cultured marble. Cultured marble is a stone that has the same characteristics as marble without the cost or intensive maintenance. Over time the faux marble finish can become scuffed up or stained and this article will show you how to properly clean the faux marble finish.

Step 1 - Preventative Care

Cleaning a faux marble finish should not be rocket science. It is not a difficult job to and even less of a chore if you take care of the faux marble finish quickly. Many faux marble finish counters are in bathrooms and kitchens. It is a fact that sometime the counter is going to get wet. To avoid unsightly water spots from forming you should squeegee the water off of the faux marble finish. Using a cloth towel or paper towel will not be sufficient enough as they usually leave water and moisture behind on the counter top. The longer you wait gives the water more time to dry and leave water spots behind so clean it quickly.

Step 2 - Cleaning Surface Stains

A surface stain is anything that is left on the faux marble finish long enough that it dries but is not completely set. This can include hard water stains, coffee, milk or food dribbles. Use a paper towel to first wipe up the initial spill. The edges of the spill will dry before the inside because the edges are characteristically thinner. Spray some of the cleaner onto the counter and allow it to set for a few seconds and then wipe off with a lint-free cloth. Wipe the counter again with a moist paper towel to remove any residue from either the food stain or the cleaner.

Step 3 - Caked on and Dried Stains

It's important that you should never use an abrasive cleaner on a faux marble finish. You also should not use an abrasive scrub brush. To clean up a tough stain or caked on food matter you will first spray the all-purpose on the stain. Allow the cleaner to soak into the material. Use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub the stain in a clockwise or counterclockwise movement. Wipe away the mess with a paper towel. Certain foods can leave behind an oily residue which can break down the faux marble finish. Put the ammonia into the spray bottle and apply a very small amount to the area. Wipe the area with a paper towel and then again with plain water.