How to Clean a Terrazzo Floor

What You'll Need
Cloth push broom
Steam cleaner
Terazzo floor cleaner

It is important to know how to clean a terazzo floor in order to keep it looking like new as long as possible. Hiring a professional to clean your floor will cost a lot of money. With the right information, there is no reason why you can not clean your own floor.

Step 1 – Sweep Your Floor

To prevent scratches, use a soft cloth push broom. Cover the entire floor to get rid of all dirt and debris.

Step 2 – Mop Your Floor

Use a mop to get rid of any dirt that is ground into the floor. Use a yarn-style mop (instead of the sponge kind) to loosen any dirt. Use a lot of water to mop the floor, as you will be using something else in order to get the water up.

Step 3 – Suck Up Dirty Water

Use the steam cleaner with a hard floor attachment in order to suck up all of the water from the floor. In order to get all the dirt from the floor, repeat this process at least twice. Finish with a rinse of cool clean water.