How to Clean a Toilet Ring Stain on Your Bathroom Floor

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What You'll Need
Cleaning solution
Scrubbing brush

A toilet ring stain is unsightly on your bathroom floor. If you have toilet ring stains that need to be cleaned or removed, follow these steps to make your bathroom look great again.

When you notice a toilet ring stain developing on your bathroom floors, it is best to clean it immediately in order to prevent it from becoming permanent. The sooner you address toilet ring stains, the better.

Step 1 - Purchase Cleaning Supplies

Grocery stores and big box stores carry the cleaning supplies needed to remove toilet ring stains. If your floors are damaged easily by scrubbing, use non-abrasive products. Use scrubbing powder on more durable bathroom floors.

Step 2 - Prepare a Bucket

Fill a bucket with warm water. The water should be slightly above room temperature in order to safely remove the stain.

Step 3 - Prepare the Floor

Remove the rugs and other items near the toilet ring stain. If your rug that is affected by the stain, replace it. Sweep the floor to remove any dirt and debris.

Step 4 - Apply Toilet Ring Cleaner to the Stain

Apply a small amount of toilet ring cleaner directly to the stain. Dip the stiff brush in the bucket of warm water and use it to work the cleaner into the stain in a circular motion. Start with wide circular motions and moderate pressure. Gradually increase the pressure. You should see the stain begin to lift from the floor.

Continue until you have completely removed the stain. Use a mop and clean water to rinse away the residue and enjoy your sparkling, stain-free floor.