How to Clean a Wrought Iron Patio Table

What You'll Need
Warm water
Cleaning rag
Mild soap
Touch-up paint

A wrought iron patio table is easy to clean and maintain, and is also weather resistant. Keeping the table clean in the summer can help bring out its lustrous beauty in the sunshine. The steps to clean a wrought iron patio table are given below.

Step 1: Preparing The Solution

Mix mild soap with warm water in a bucket to get a good lather.

Step 2: Cleaning

Soak the cleaning rag in the soap solution. Rinse out the extra soap-water solution from the rag and wipe the surface of the patio table.

Step 3: Rinsing

Rinse the furniture with a clean dry rag. Allow the furniture to dry for a few hours.

Step 4: Finishing

Finally, check for rust or stains on the table. If you find any, sand the table with sandpaper and paint the sanded patches with suitable paint. You can scrub the rust flakes with a wire brush and then coat it with liquid wax to keep the furniture from further rusting. You can also paint it with exterior spray paint.


  • If the shine of the furniture is fading, you can use automotive wax to polish it.
  • To avoid the rusting or staining of your outdoor wrought iron furniture, cover it with an outdoor furniture cover.