How to Clean Acid Etched Glass

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  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 1-100

While it makes a great decoration, etched glass is notoriously difficult to clean. It is particularly vulnerable to grease stains, as well as simply accumulating dirt and dust over time. However, by using the proper strategies, it is possible to keep the acid-etched glass clean with a minimum of effort and time.

Glass Cleaner

You can make your own glass cleaner that will do a great job of cleaning acid-etched glass. It will even remove fingerprints if you are willing to spend some time scrubbing. To make your own glass cleaner, you only need water, isopropyl alcohol, and ammonia—all common household cleaning agents. Mix all three ingredients in equal amounts and you will be ready to keep even the most difficult glass clean.

Alternatively, you can use a commercially available window cleaner.


Put your glass cleaner of choice into a spray bottle and apply it to your acid-etched glass. Then, wipe it away using a soft cloth. Lint can be as big of a problem as the original dirt, so be sure to use a cloth that will not leave any behind. You may have to scrub a little bit to get the worst dirt, dust, and grease out of your acid-etched glass.