How to Clean an Above Ground Pool Liner

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  • 3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
Sump pump
Liquid soap
Warm water
Large bucket
Scrub brush
Garden hose
Wire brush
Rubber gloves

If your above ground pool liner is rife with mold, mildew, or assorted other types of pool-related grime, you may be curious about how to clean it. Below are the steps you will need to take to make it sparkle.

Step 1 - Drain Your Pool

Before proceeding to clean your pool liner, you will need to drain the pool. Begin this step by affixing a discharge hose that is connected to a submersible, or "sump," pump to your pool's drain. Then, place the opposite end of the hose into the location you'd like the water to be drained. When carrying out this step, it is very important that you pump the water into a safe location, such as a sewer drain. After deciding on a suitable drainage spot, use the sump pump to completely drain the pool, thus preparing the liner for the cleaning process. The amount of time it will take for your swimming pool to be fully drained is entirely contingent upon its size.

Step 2 - Scrub Your Pool Liner

Having drained your swimming pool, you're ready to begin cleaning. Start this step by combining liquid soap with warm water in a large bucket. Dishwashing liquid generally works best for this task. You'll know the solution is ready to use once it begins to form suds. Alternatively, if you're not put off by chemicals, there are specially made pool liner cleaning solutions that can be purchased from most swimming pool supply stores.

After your cleaning solution has taken shape, use a mop, scrub brush, sponge, or resilient washcloth to apply it and give the pool liner a thorough scrubbing. Start with the sides of the pool, taking care to scrub in broad vertical motions. Then, proceed to clean the surface. Once all areas of your liner have been successfully cleaned, proceed to rinse your cleaning solution with a garden hose.

When performing this step, make a point to not put forth an excessive amount of elbow grease, as this may scoff, scratch, or even tear the liner. Should you encounter any particularly stubborn stains or dirt deposits, try applying a little extra cleaner and, if you're using a sponge or washcloth, switch to a scrub brush or mop. In extreme cases, a wire brush may be used, but do not apply too much pressure.

Step 3 - Refill Your Pool

After cleaning your pool liner, you will need to drain the swimming pool of all the water with the aid of your drainage hose and sump pump, again taking care to drain the water into a safe location. When refilling your swimming pool, turn on the pool's filter in order to purge any lingering traces of your cleaning solution from the water.