How to Clean an Antique Unsealed Marble Top Buffet Table

What You'll Need
Distilled water
Spray bottle
Mild dish washing soap
Clean cloths

Cleaning an old antique marble buffet table can be a challenge, especially if it is unsealed. Many unsealed marble items cannot withstand many chemicals, and those that are antiques certainly need to be handled with a lot of care. Here is a guide to cleaning your unsealed, antique marble buffet table if you find yourself in this situation.

Step 1 – Fill Bottle

Use an old spray bottle to hold the distilled water. You can use a funnel to get it in there with no problems.

Step 2 – Spray

Use the spray bottle to get the buffet table wet. Then, sprinkle the cornstarch on the table and make sure that any area that needs to be cleaned is covered. Leave this mixture on the buffet table for several hours.  

Step 3 – Finish Up

Use a clean rag to mop the mixture off and then spray with distilled water again to wipe it down with another clean rag. This should get the rest of the mixture, or if it doesn’t, then continue to do so until the mixture is gone and the table is cleaned. You can also use a tiny amount of mild dish soap and water to clean the mixture off if it is difficult.